The Artist

Noel Gazzano is an Italian-American artist and anthropology Professor specialized in gender issues. She holds a PhD in cultural anthropology and has received training in visual and performative arts. Her academic and artistic research focus on the psychological, sociocultural and political underpinnings of women’s identity in Italy; embodied experience; power dynamics; the connection between “western” culture, gender-based violence and mental illness; the origin of art; the representation of femininity in prehistoric art and myth. She employs a variety of media: ink, painting, installation, photography and performance. Her writings are featured in scholarly publications and is the basis for her artwork and inspirational speeches. Her art is routinely displayed internationally and is present in private collections in Italy and the USA. Actively engaged in promoting women’s rights by proposing her art as a means for cultural transformation, in 2014 she received the Robert F. Kennedy Center Europe sponsorship for her itinerant exhibition “Un Anno da Sirene” (A Mermaid Year) dedicated to raising awareness on gender issues and violence in Italy.

Noel Gazzano’s Honesty, by Lorenzo Madaro

Ink, with its fine and decisive sign, moves with nonchalance on the paper, tracing essential and hard lines, constructing anatomies, lingering on symbolic anatomical details, embroidering long hair, and giving back to the depicted female figure a dreamy appearance, a fantastic dimension which is the fil rouge that characterizes also her previous experiences in visual arts. (…) But in Noel Gazzano’s research there’s also an intimate dialogue with the real and fantastic representation space, a secret and deep relationship with paper, pencils, watercolor, ink, mixed media: a dialogue with cardboard, a mute and intense conversation with herself and the artwork. I thus find poignant Angela Vattese’s reflections on women’s art. After having reviewed major works – from Louise Bourgeois and Yoko Ono onwards – the scholar states: “In painting, male artists reluctantly gave up supremacy: they left women with miniature, watercolor, intimate portraiture, but didn’t grant them the vast spaces of oil canvases”. Noel, with her honesty of woman artist, today practices all these genres. (From the exhibition catalogue “L’Onestà dell’Artista-The Artist’s Honesty”, curated by Lorenzo Madaro, Galleria F. Foresta, Lecce, February 6th – March 8th, 2015)


2015 L’Onestà dell’Artista, Lorenzo Madaro, Lecce (IT), Galleria Francesco Foresta.

2014, Un Anno da Sirene, Florence (IT), Festival Internazionale Cinema e Donne, Cinema Odeon.

2014, Tra Sogno e Veglia. Una Ricerca per Immagini sulla Femminilità, Lecce (IT), Salone dei Teatini (Itinerario Rosa 2014).

2014, L’Isola (performance). Lecce (IT), Salone dei Teatini.

2013, La Speranza e la Certezza, Florence (IT), Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Europe.

2013, MostriAMOci. L’arte di Essere Donna, Rossana Buccella, Pisa (IT), Spazio Espositivo Sopra Le Logge.

2013, Would You Recognise Her? Monica Giovannini, Florence (IT), Richmond College London.

2012, Affordable Art Fair, Tricia Holda, New York (USA), The Tunnel.

2012, Una Donna (a) Forte, Forte dei Marmi (IT), La Marguttiana di C. Carrà.

2011, Sentire. Rifiutare. Proporre! Arte, Ricerca Psichica e Trasformazione Sociale, Daniela Falzone, Florence (IT), Galleria d’Arte Civico 69.

2010, Searching for a Blue Perspective, Silvana Belvisi, Turin (IT), I Passaggi Olimpici, Parco del Valentino.

2009, Luxury Goods: The Meaning of Art, Michael Milsoslavski, London (GB), The Foundry.

2009, Lo Spazio del Metodo, Florence (IT), Teatro della Pergola.

2008, Premio Galileo 2000, Florence (IT), Istituto D’Arte di Porta Romana.

2007, Dream Me, Marcia Steinberg, Florence (IT), Borghese Palace Art Hotel.