2014 UN ANNO DA SIRENE (series) Ink and watercolor on paper, varying dimensions. Under the auspices of the Robert Kennedy Foundation for Justice and Human Rights Europe

Ink and watercolor series inspired by my fieldwork on gender issues in Italy and by the course “Women in Italian Society” I taught for Richmond College, London (Florence, IT Campus). The artwork was featured in a long-term itinerant-exhibition project under the auspices of the R.F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Europe, developed with the goal of promoting awareness and overcome violence against women (2014, 2015). Chosen venues varied greatly in order to guarantee the most effective social impact: art galleries, public spaces, events, festivals. I introduced each exhibition with an inspirational speech. As part of the project, I published a low-cost calendar allowing everyone to access transformational ideas through art. In 2014 the Calendar was gifted to the winners of the international prize Premio Gilda, dedicated to women in cinema and music.

EXHIBITIONS: 2015 L’Onestà dell’Artista, curated by Lorenzo Madaro, Galleria Francesco Foresta, Lecce (IT)  2014 Un Anno da Sirene, Festival Internazionale Cinema e Donne, Premio Gilda, Florence (IT).

2015 FAME – Hunger (series). Ink on paper, varying dimensions.

A series of ink drawings created for “Pe(n)sa Differente” (“Weigh/Think Differently”), an interdisciplinary yearly conference and art festival dedicated to exploring food-related issues from a psychological, medical and sociocultural perspective. For about a month I kept an unconventional “food diary”: every time I ate, thought about food, or interacted with food in any way, I created an ink drawing. During the conference my drawings were exhibited in a specifically set-up performance space where I privately interviewed people on the foods they eat for emotional and cultural reasons. The anonymously recorded answers were the basis for a subsequent series of drawings. Under the auspices of the City of Lecce (Puglia, IT) and the local healthcare system (ASL Lecce, Servizio Sanitario della Regione Puglia). EXHIBITION: 2015 Pe(n)sa Differente, 11-13 June 2015, Palazzo Vernazza, Lecce (IT).

2015 Le Sirene del Bosco – Forest Mermaids (series). Ink on paper, varying dimensions.

A series of ink drawings inspired by Maria Corti’s “Il Canto delle Sirene” (“The Mermaids’ Song”, 2001) and commissioned by international documentary film festival Cinema del Reale . The work was exhibited during the 2015 edition of the Festival in an underground oil mill, where I created an installation of suspended, enlarged prints (up to 3 meters), blue lights and sounds, evoking an underwater world of flying mermaids. EXHIBITIONS: Festa di Cinema del Reale, 22-25 July 2015.

2014 Gambe, Pensiero e Voce (series). Mixed media on paper, varying dimensions.

Ink and watercolor on paper series. Exhibitions: 2015 Galleria Francesco Foresta, Lecce (IT).





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