Relational Art

EVERYONE’S DRESS (2017) Art changes the world by speaking the truth

Everyone’s Dress is a relational-art project I developed to create a “universal” garment (wearable by people of any age, size and sex) that conveys the fundamental equality of all human beings, rejecting the notion of race; it promotes justice and human rights for migrants who escape war-zones and land on Italian shores. Participants from different African nations and personal backgrounds make art while learning skills for future employment. The work was realised during an artist’s residency at Farm Cultural Park (IT, 5-22 May 2017), independent cultural institution that produced the project in collaboration with Korai-Territorio Sviluppo e Cultura Soc. Coop. and under the auspices of the Honorary Consulate of Ghana in Sicily . 

The first video shows the initial phase: a workshop during which I guided the workshop participants  to create a pattern that communicates the key value of human equality synthesised in the acronym I developed for Farm: “Fashioning a Renewed Mankind”. As shown in the slideshow below, we spray-painted the pattern on 30 meters of cotton and on a wall in Farm Cultural Park’s “Riad” garden. The pattern was then industrially printed on fabric; we used the textile to create “Everyone’s Dress”prototypes that were developed by designers from Sicily and Ghana selected with an international call. Textile and garments were presented during Farm Cultural Park’s 7th Anniversary event, on June 30th, 2017 (second video).

CREDITS “Everyone’s Dress” – a Relational Art project by Noel Gazzano for Farm Cultural Park (Favara, IT)  – Participants:  Acka Amoutchi Gregoire Bile, Evelyn Boafo, Mamadi Jobe, Lucien Kouama Aka, Ansumana Sawo, Sabine Sobo Blay. Produced by Farm Cultural Park (Andrea Bartoli, Florinda Saieva, Rosario Castellana, Antonio Alba) with the partnership of Korai-Territorio, Sviluppo e Cultura Soc. Coop. (Susanna Gristina, Patrizia Barbera, Eleonora Cammarata, Viviana Corso, Maria Chiara Rizzo) – Under the auspices of the Honorary Consulate of Ghana in Sicily, in the person of Mr. Francesco Campagna – Graphic Design: Marco Claude – Photography: Nadia Castronovo – Video: Flare Production Luana Sabatini – Video editing and postproduction: Marco Claude, Noel Gazzano – Designers: Rosalia di Bella (IT), Melinda Micciché (IT), Djoulde (GH).